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The Journey

Mr. Prashant Shah's tryst with flags began in 1996, when he decided to display the Indian Flag on his office desk. However, to his disappointed, he found no flag manufacturers in India. Having been in the business of textiles & plastics since 1972, Prashant had the expertise for launching his own flag shop. Since then he has never looked back.

The Experience

Today, The Flag Corporation caters to a host of international & corporate clients such as The Bombay Stock Exchange, Maharashtra Police, Hutchison Essar Ltd. & Citibank to name a few, and in due course of time, became the largest manufacturer of flags in India. Besides manufacturing flags of all countries, the corporation also manufactures personalized flags, company logo flags, religious flags, car flags & sports flags.

At The Flag Corporation, we understand the significance of flags around the world. Our flags are renowned for its quality & attractiveness. The flags are printed in exclusive Silk polyester & 100% knitted & woven nylon/polyester materials in various sizes – small ones for displaying on office desks, homes, and cars, and bigger ones for outdoor use. These flags can be festooned with a choice of accessories in plastic, acrylic, wood, stainless steel or brass materials.

Our Vision

Since the inception of the firm, Mr. Prashant Shah, his wife Mrs. Dipti Shah & his sons Mr. Gyan & Naman Shah, have made it a patriotic mission to spread awareness among people who have a misconception that common citizens are not permitted to own & display flags in their homes, offices or other premises. On the contrary, flags are unique & may prove to be a valuable gift. It enjoys the privilege of never being obsolete, unlike other complimentary gifts. It is something that nobody would consider throwing away but would instead; willingly look for a special place to display it.

Flags can be displayed for any purpose or occasion. Greeting international delegates, displaying it at conferences, seminars, exhibitions, offices, sports events, cars etc. but most importantly, displaying a flag for being a true patriot.

So express a little solidarity & unfurl your flag today!

Our Products

  • Miniature Flags: Miniature flags are ideal for displaying at offices, conferences, corporate meetings, cars etc. & also for students' study desks. Our miniature flags are manufactured in exclusive silk polyester & 100% polyester fabrics and are available in standard table flag size is 4" x 6" as well as in sizes 6" x 9" & 12" x 18". You may select from a variety of bases/stands & accessories in plastic, acrylic, wooden, fibre, aluminium, brass, stainless steel & even pure silver. Customized miniature flags can also be made according to your requirements.
  • Corporate Flags: Corporate flags help in promoting companies & their brands. Corporate flags can be used for corporate gifting, or at trade shows, seminars, factories, office buildings & office desks. These flags are custom-made according to the clients' requirements. We have supplied such flags to big corporate houses like Emaar, Kingfisher, BMW. etc.
  • Outdoor Flags: Outdoor flags are commonly used at factories, offices, government buildings, hotels, sports events & consulates etc. The outdoor flag size ranges from 2' x 3', 3' x 4.5', 4' x 6', 6' x 9'. Pedestrian flag accessories such as tops, flagpoles & stands are available in wooden, fibre, aluminum & stainless steel.
  • Sports Flags: We manufacture sports flags in various sizes. Sports flags are used at nearly every sports event by millions of fans to cheer for their teams. We are the official supplier of flags to IPL team Kolkata Knight Rider and several other sports team and sports governing bodies.
  • Car Flags: Miniature Car flags are fixed onto the front windscreen of a car with a high quality vacuum pad. Flags may also be placed onto the dashboard of a car with a double-sided tape attached at the bottom of the plastic base. The flag size maybe 3" x 4.5" or 4" x 6".  The standard flag size of a car window flag is 12" x 18" and is worn on a super-strong plastic staff.
  • Flag Accessories: Maintaining durability & attractiveness of our flags is our prime focus. We have, therefore, developed a wide range of accessories that maybe adorned with your flag, be it for displaying indoors or outdoors. The accessories include tops, bases, single & criss-cross square-shaped plastic bases, etc.

Besides flags & flag accessories, we also manufacture exclusive embroidered badges, crests & lapel pins. The embroidered badges are usually used on various uniforms & the embroidered crests at schools & colleges for emblems. Lapel pins are commonly used amongst, students, corporates & individuals.

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